Known as the Garden Island Fiji, Taveuni is the country’s 3rd largest island and boasts lush vegetation, spectacular waterfalls, miles of quite, sand beaches and the country’s national flower, the legendary Tagimoucia. Its primary economy is copra, but tourism also plays a dominant role.

The International Dateline (180th Meridian) crosses the island within walking distance of the Garden Island Resort. However for convenience sake, the Date Line has been moved so that all of the Fiji islands are under one time zone.

In the high mountains of Taveuni there is a beautiful lake of considerable size. Pouring through an outlet on the west, a stream which furnishes the township of Somosomo with a good supply of fresh water. A smaller outlet to the east discharges enough water to form a small cascade. The Tagimoucia (weeping flower) is found only on the shores of this lake.

Taveuni is home to Taveuni Palms, Taveuni Island Resort, Paradise Taveuni, Garden Island Resort, Matangi Island Resort & Qamea Resort & Spa.



Diving: If variety is the spice of life, then Taveuni is diving’s red hot chilli pepper…exciting, charismatic, unique and most of all vibrantly colourful. Taveuni offers world class diving at famous dive sites such as Fish Factory, Bommie, Great White Wall, Vuna Reef and Somosomo Strait. Whether it be shore dives or off-shore scuba diving, Taveuni is a diver’s underwater playground offering sharks, manta rays, whales, dolphins, thousands of species of fish and soft coral.

Walking the walks: Bouma and Lavena - Taveuni is all about nature, natural wonders both above and below the water, peace and serenity. These two attractions sit pretty much side by side in the rugged eastern side of Taveuni which makes them a realistic proposition to be tackled over a couple of days. Just up the road you will find the Waitabu Marine Park. This has been declared a “no fishing” fish and snorkelers.

The Tagimoucia: Nestling in a dormant volcano, the rare and lovely tagimoucia blooms on the fringe of Taveuni's remote lakes, four thousand feet above sea level. One of the rarest flowers in the world, the tagimoucia or medinilla waterhousei, grows only on the island of Taveuni, home to lush rainforest, exotic ferns, orchids, rare palms and native trees.

Accessibility: Taveuni is accessible from Nadi Airport or Suva via scheduled flights with Pacific Sun or Island Hoppers Air. From Matei airport, you will board your resort vehicle to be transferred to your final hotel destination. Flight time one way is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.