Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa Group, made up of some 20 islands of volcanic origin, lies in the chain north-west of Viti Levu. The islands commence about 40km north-west of Lautoka and stretch for 80km. Some of the large islands are Yasawa, Waya. Nacula, Naviti, Yaqeta and Matacawalevu.

Nanuya Levu better known as Turtle Island is the base for one of Fiji’s most exclusive resorts and is also the site of filming of the movie Blue Lagoon, starring Brooke Shields IN 1979. The islands have white sandy beaches and crystalline waters.

The Yasawas, the westernmost islands in Fiji, are magnificent in their mountain scenery, isolated beaches and limestone formations, the most famous being the limestone caves at Sawa-i-lau with its ancient wall writings.

Yasawa is home to a range of backpacker resorts and the more exclusive Boutique resorts such as Viwa Island Resort, Yasawa Island Resort and Navutu Stars.



Romance in the Yasawas: ‘Romance’ is such a relative word and there are as many varieties as there are fingerprints or snowflakes. Fiji has always been considered one of the romance capitals of the world and this can be easily confirmed by the amount of daily enquiries received in regard to honeymoons or weddings to this very website.

Flashpacking and Backpacking through the Yasawa Islands: The Yasawa Islands are certainly some of the most picturesque and scenic islands that Fiji has to offer. Located north of the more famous Mamanuca chain, the Yasawa’s present a far different experience than its more developed sisters. While the luxury resort offerings that Fiji is famous for there are surely available, the Yasawa’s has thus far staked it claim on an experience enticing backpacking and flashbacking visitors the world over.

Accessibility: Most Yasawa Island Resorts are readily accessible by daily scheduled launch transfers, helicopters (chartered basis), seaplanes (chartered basis), and 24 hour water taxis (chartered basis)